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Dream Catching: Episode One – Little Deaths

Episode One – Little Deaths

“So, it’s preparation,” Kylie the Grifter stated.

“Perhaps,” Edwin the Seeker stated.

“A prelude?”


“Hm. Well. Too narrow?” Kylie the Grifter asked, insinuating his questions may have missed the mark. Or not insinuating so much as down-right asking. Laying it out – guilty of ignorance or not. The Seeker knew. There were no ignorant questions. The old cliché of ones never asked . . . Well, the Seeker knew as did the Grifter. They knew because they didn’t. They knew they knew nothing. One knows truly nothing. We are impressionable and we experience. We are bent, however. Skewed. In the thick of it, we view life and circumstance through a twisted lens. A mind so vast and advanced, yet, so unknown at the same time. As much as we know about our brains’ concept of reality, there is a thousand times as much ambiguous unknown – a universe of unknown. We are a collection and collaboration of experiences, tendencies, habits, preferences, genetics, memories (ours as well as our ancestors).

“No, not necessarily. Life is not a walkthrough rehearsal. It is as was said by a great philosopher of our time. ‘This life is more than just a read-through.’” The Seeker often guided. Showed and not told. Often he led. He did not point out necessarily so much as letting the Grifter come to his own conclusions. They had the understanding – the Grifter learned from the Seeker and the Seeker learned from himself. But the Seeker never acted haughtily about that fact. He by no means ever talked down to the Grifter, despite the Grifter’s moral choices, on this or any night.

“Hm. Is that Freud?” the Grifter asked.

“No. Anthony Kiedis. Front man for the Red Hot Chili Peppers!” the Seeker grinned. “See, it is like the fact of this maple leaf that you and I are currently floating on.”

“Dude, are we Canadian?”

“Not tonight. But may have been in the past, or will be in the future. So, when we come to stop at our port of destination on this river and this leaf leaves our lives, it will definitely have a place interwoven in the universe and our memory. It will crop up out of nowhere from a smell or word that you and I, one night in October, took a ride on her river of memories and imprinted our own. Here. Now.”

“Then what is the broad spectrum?”

“You answered your own question. It is indeed a spectrum. It is this. All the systems shutting down at once. Your mind on rewind. Total rest – physically, mentally, emotionally. So much so that these things take on lives of their own in dreams. A man riding a giraffe with a spider monkey on his back. Does this necessarily mean anything? Yes. Something. Is it necessary to my health and well being to know what this means? No.”

“Good. Because our ride is over. Docked. We are here,” Kylie the Grifter exited the maple leaf he and Edwin the Seeker rode to the port. Edwin decided to stay on the leaf as it began to sink. He, for whatever reason, decided to go down with his ship. And the Grifter let him and applauded as he sank. “Hurry back!” The Grifter yelled.

Cold sweat rolled off of Mallory’s neck as she awoke from the odd dream. Time to wake. She shook off the memory of maple leaves and rivers, and began her day.


Sunday Photo Fiction – It’s on!

So, it is Monday morning and Sunday Photo Fiction has posted another picture prompt challenge. Their challenge – a story based on the photo in 200 words or less. So, without further adieu, here goes my hat flying into the ring! The title of this piece: Nickels and Dimes.

The Prompt:




The Story:

Nickels and Dimes

Her brain operates like a mood ring. One minute life couldn’t be better. The next minute the temperature changes by two degrees negatively and then it’s on! Everything is black. I came to this conclusion after the wrecking ball struck. We sat contently conversing one minute, the next her mood for one reason or another changed on a nickel or dime – not sure which but whichever, it was cheap! She pulled no punches. All of a sudden I’m an adulterer. I’m cheating on her because of one lousy business card that I couldn’t rightfully explain in that particular moment. I didn’t remember where it had come from at the time. “Who is Hilda Hauer?!” The hell if I could remember! Then, after the fight, after she had gone, after the pressure was off, I remembered. A building downtown on Broadway was being demolished. I was walking and had stopped to watch, as had Hilda Hauer. She gave me her card and told me if I ever needed my pipes cleaned to let her know. She had just gotten her plumber’s license. I’m glad now that I didn’t remember. Another woman cleaning my pipes may not go over so well.

For most men, probably not far from the truth! Have a great day, y’all.




It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been awhile since I’ve been around. A torrent of personal issues good, bad and crazy have impeded my blogging. Hey, I’m an artist. I totally expect nothing less! It’s all good, though. I’m going to try to come around a bit more often now. I’m also shifting my focus from the slackin’ ass government we currently have to more . . . productive issues. Like art! And writing! Because after all this is an art blog, although, past has been a hodgepodge of everything. Like an eclectic melting pot of everything and anything that struck my fancy or hit society below the belt.

At any rate, I’m going to attempt to stay focused. More art and writing and less rhetoric about or slackin’ ass government being in bed with the CIA and corporate dollars. (That’s the last you’ll hear about it . . . probably.)

I’ve kicked out some new art and when I get the means to post, I certainly will! Good to see y’all again. (Smiley face!)

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So, You Need a Change?

We’re going to be shuffling things around here within the next few days to a week. Revamping and shakin’ things up! I’m sending some of my short stories off for publishing and some of the requirements is that they not be published anywhere else.

So, to that end, I need to delete some on the short stories and poetry. I’ll hopefully crank out some new stuff soon, though. I was thinking of making Life’s Glow three part series a constant on here as in more parts, say weekly – Margaret and her sister are just awesome characters to write for. Not sure yet, though. I’ll keep you posted!

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Hell in a Bucket: A Night Out On Facebook – A Play

Have you ever had one of those nights? They’re pretty frequent for me -spent at home on the internet.

Well, one night boredom had set in. So, to relieve said boredom, I, as is my MO, tossed up a ridiculous status and stood back to see what happened.

Here is the result of that night. I kept the result and titled it.

Hell In A Bucket: A Night Out On Face Book – A Play

Status: Robert Gregory has been locked out of his apartment by his cat.

Dana Stewart: Good cat.

Robert Gregory: Haha . . . you enlisted him to do that, didn’t you, Dana! *sigh* Figures . . .

Kylie Eastham: What the . . . How did that happen?

Robert Gregory: My cat is a show off, Kylie! He wanted to show me who’s boss. . . . Like there was any question!

Melissa Kirkland Gaines: Now that is funny!

Zethra Nix: Okay now you have me curious. How exactly did the cat lock you out?

Robert Gregory: Superior wits???

Zethra Nix: Obviously . . . *eyeroll* . . . All cats have superior wits. It just comes down to IF they choose to use them against you. I am wondering HOW he used his superior wits to lock you out. Was it as simple as shutting the door or was it something more elaborate?

Robert Gregory: Ehhh . . . yeah . . . it was actually his sense of humor. He told me this hilarious joke when I took him for his evening constitutional. Well as I was ROCL-ing (that’s rolling on the concrete laughing), apparently he thought it would be even more hilarious to make a mad dash for the door while I was hysterically incapacitated and put one of those buckets with oatmeal or green slime (in this case it was some catnip concoction, for irony, you know) that topple when one opens a door and splashes on the unsuspecting person’s head!

So . . . as he was preparing his Coupe de Gras of hilarity . . . the bucket toppled accidentally, landed upside down on him and now he is covered in a catnip concoction, totally blitzed out of his mind and he neglected to unlock the door. And, being that he is STILL blitzed, he could care less where the hell I am! The last thing I heard was him singing along to “Hell In A Bucket” by the Grateful Dead . . . (He LOVES that song, and of course more irony for his sick, twisted sense of humor!) . . .

The moral of this story . . . well, I’m not sure that there is one . . . with the exception of never let your cat mix the drinks!

Zethra Nix: OMG! Don’t make me laugh so hard. My lungs cannot handle it with this cold!

He sounds like my kind of cat. I sure hope he has a fitting name to match his personality.

Robert Gregory: You know, when he told me his name was Nipsy, I didn’t get the connotation until now! The twisted little bastard! He’s a friggin’ addict!

Zethra Nix: Yep, definitely my kind of cat. Let him know when he gets bored toying with you he always has a home here with me.

Robert Gregory: Yeah, he’s pretty much got the upper hand in this particular situation. But, it’s not the first time a pussy’s gotten the better of me. Probably won’t be the last.

Zethra Nix: hehe I will give you credit for not being in denial of that. There is no “probably” about it . . . unless you are going to avoid all pussy in the future it is bound to happen again!

Robert Gregory: Ahhh, yep, it’s unavoidable. I’m addicted to the Nipsys of the world as much as those sweet little furry things are addicted to hell in a bucket! Drinks are on him tonight. Cheers!

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An Oldie – The Naked and Famous, and Karmic Vengence

I wanted to post an old short story I edited and trimmed a bit here and there. It’s called Setting Grace and is one of my favorites. The setting for most of the story is a concert of The Naked and Famous - one of my fave band, lately.

Anyway, here is the shortlink to Setting Grace. Take care, and until next time . . . Enjoy the story!

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“Hey, you on Facebook?” “…Um, who isn’t?!”

Well, in the event you are, amble on over to Crook’s Eye View on Facebook page!

Today, all morning/afternoon, I’ve been showing the steps-in-process of my latest painting. Come over and check it out! Here are some highlights.







That’s it so far . . . Feel free to like us on Facebook and see all the ridiculously sarcastic pics and posts!


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